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Anthony Borruso

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Michael Mark is the author of Visiting Her in Queens is More Enlightening than a Month in a Monastery in Tibet, which won the 2022 Rattle Chapbook Prize. His recent poems appear in Best American Poetry blog, Copper Nickel, Ploughshares, Poetry Northwest, Sixth Finch, The Southern Review, The Sun, 32 Poems, and more.

Interviewer: Marina Kraiskaya (Brown) is a Ukrainian-American poet and the editor of Bicoastal Review. She recently won the Markham Prize for Poetry and has been nominated for the Pushcart and Best New Poets. Find her in (or forthcoming in) Southeast Review, Poetry International, The Los Angeles Review, Zone 3, The Shore, EcoTheo, Deep Wild, Leavings, Petrichor, Pollux, and other journals.

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