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interview with

poetry contest winner

Jesslyn Whittell


Jesslyn Whittell (she/her) is a poet and grad student at UCLA. Her recent poetry can be found in Afternoon Visitor, Corporeal, ANMLY, b l u s h, and Black Warrior Review, and her chapbook Slow Tapping to Help You Sleep [ASMR] is out with Bottlecap Press.

Interviewer: Marina Kraiskaya is a Ukrainian-American writer and editor of Bicoastal Review. In 2024, she won the Markham Prize, second in the Joy Bale Boone Prize, and was a finalist in the Mississippi Review and Driftwood poetry prizes. Find her in Poetry International, The L.A. Review, Southeast Review, Zone 3, Reed Magazine, The Shore, EcoTheo, Deep Wild, Leavings, and more. To get in touch, visit or email

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