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D.S. Maolalai


Everything's alright with me

my trouble, my wife says,

is everything's alright

with me. she gets bothered,

she tells me, by things that

don't bother me. and that

bothers her – that they don't.

everything's unfortunately

alright with me. I can't

help it. take punches muhammed

ali gives; get up and then

get punched again. it's fine

that she's bothered – I'm not

really worried. it's not very grounds

for divorce to be ok with problems.

sometimes it's 3am before I can sleep.





down in the warehouse

which stands beneath

main office property,

next to the decommissioned

trailer and hitch (brake-

light line broken, unsafe for the road

with a load) we shield

cigarette ends from fire

detectors and sit in companish

silence. the lights are all out – this is after

5:30pm. we are waiting for pick-up

in rain which is petalling plastic-

glass windows in colors of lights

from the neighboring buildings.

one of the guys here

has misplaced his wallet, I think,

although everyone's suspect. we each

search the shelves in a casual

unhelpful way.

D.S. Maolalai has been described by one editor as "a cosmopolitan poet" and another as "prolific, bordering on incontinent." His work has nominated 11 times for Best of the Net, 8 for the Pushcart, and once for the Forward Prize, and has been released in three collections; "Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden" (Encircle Press, 2016), "Sad Havoc Among the Birds" (Turas Press, 2019) and “Noble Rot” (Turas Press, 2022).

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