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Emily Krill is an artist and graphic designer living in Pittsburgh. She makes collages out of paper ephemera like ledger books from the 1800s, spelling homework from the 1940s, and mimeographs from the 1970s. It’s all mixed up in bright, colorful, and unexpected ways. Her hope and goal is that her art makes people happy. Art is something that you live with and look at every day. Emily believes that it should be beautiful. 

Paper Moon (Issue 3 cover; on the left) is a simple cut-and-paste collage made from paper ephemera. The water of this quiet landscape is made from watercolor-washed ledger paper from the 1800s. The sky and moon are made with contemporary paper and the mountains are 1940s handwriting homework. The main concern of the work is the intersection of the lines, old and new. The lines of beautiful handwriting on the ledger paper interact with the clumsy lines of a child's handwriting. It's about calm waters and the passage of time.

Braille Cloudscape (Issue 3 back cover; on the right) is a tranquil seascape made from a combination of old and new paper ephemera. The sky consists of railway shares from the 1800s, and the sea is made from aqua onion skin railroad work orders from the 1970s. The clouds are Braille painted with chalk paint. The sun is made from ink-painted 1920s ledger paper. This collage is quiet and still, and it feels lived-in.  

Braille-Cloudscape (1).jpeg
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