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Emily Reynders



Floating is a good word

to explain the balance.

My body weightless in the mass,

head cradled, breathing deeply above

earth’s wavering liquid

and someone could carry me then.

The coast is home

to plenty of creatures pulled below,

waiting for something,

for someone to call out.

Sound is compressed by a muffled

wail that comes when water fills

my left ear—

Did you hear that?

In this place, I lean towards the

moonlight because even the ocean

looks up,

drawn in by a force

that proves she’s not the only one

tired of the distance.

Emily Reynders is a poet from San Diego, California. Her work has previously been featured in PacificReview: A West Coast Arts Review Annual and Poets Underground. Emily is the author of To Exist As Time, a debut poetry collection exploring the complexities of human emotion mirrored by themes in nature.

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