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Erick Verran



In this collector’s gallery, the large skulls

of early Britons debate in an airless glass



                  It is a musty reliquary of stuff:

the charcoal study of a kidney, the horse


dissected across a flush of cabinet cards,

a beautiful cross section of a chanterelle


under magnification (to show the funnel

of gills, yellow as turmeric), a tall carpet


thought to be Moroccan in origin, colors

rotted away by the sun’s infernal rounds,


and a boxy, six-stringed crwth, the kind

of lyre one bowed, innovated by a Celtic


tradesman dead for centuries, but hung

casually, as though it remained playable.

Erick Verran is the author of the essay collection Obiter Dicta (Punctum Books, 2021). Recent scholarship can be found in the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds and Postmodern Culture. His poetry and criticism are forthcoming or appear in The Georgia Review, Harvard Review, The Drift, The Cortland Review, Subtropics, MQR Online, Tourniquet Review, The Massachusetts Review, and elsewhere. He lives in New York.

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