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Steven Cordova 


Acceptance Speech 


I’d like to thank 

the hominids 

who came before 


me, my Homo  

family with 

their ever in- 


creasing brain size, 

the handy tools 

they fashioned to 


survive (using 

only local 



the hominids 

who gave us all 

the fire without 


which surely lead 

to the fire with- 

in, a light by 


which to paint or 

make jewelry, 

adorn bodies. 


Most of all I  

thank them for fun- 

erary rites,  


which proved useful 

during the Ho- 

mo Sapien 



pandemic now 

fading fast from 



memory. But  

I digress & 


will just end by 

saying thank you, 

thank you, um, for ... 


(music swells to 

remind speaker 

he’s out of time).  

Steven Cordova’s full-length collection of poetry, Long Distance, was published by Bilingual Review Press in 2010. His poems are forthcoming in Hunger Mountain Review and have appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Callaloo, The Journal, New Orleans Review, Notre Dame Review, Los Angeles Review and Pleaides. From San Antonio, TX, he lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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