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V. G. Clarke


*content warning for themes of sexual violence


Did I forget anything?

After Torrin A. Greathouse


I was told that after being raped I

may become hypersexual.

The therapist my mom found

on WebMD sat with

 legs crossed.

She sipped peppermint tea and asked

me to go back to that moment.

The one where

he held a gun to my head.

A glock-17 with a silencer attached.

 She nodded


as he ripped my new dress in half. Spittle from

my mouth dripped

to my wrist. My canine teeth

clamped down on my shaking hand. She told me

It’s okay and

handed me a tissue. You

are safe here. Instead of screaming 

I thank her.

Instead of killing him

I go to the police and

they ask me, did you get a kit?

A young officer

hands me a piece of paper. Circle on this

small body where

 he touched you.

Fill your story

into this tiny

white box.

V. G. Clarke is a poet, student, nature-lover, and hiker. Her creative work has appeared in Wise Owl Magazine as well as in their 2022 Eclectic Tales Anthology. She spends her dwindling off-days staring at the sky between darkening leaves and getting into YouTube rabbit holes on biology and science.

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