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Bicoastal Review aims to build community with our readers and contributors. In addition to original works (particularly on themes of East Coast/West Coast cities, peoples, cultures, and ecologies), we welcome ekphrastic writing that imitates, borrows from, challenges, or is in conversation with work we have previously published. Writers from anywhere in the world are encouraged to submit. 

Poetry: 5 poems max. Titles are preferred. Translations are welcome.

Creative nonfiction, book reviews, critiques, thinkpieces, braided essays, and similar: 1,000-3,000 words preferred, though this is not a hard rule. Query us via email if longer.

Photography, art: Submit up to 10 photos or works of art using the highest image/file quality possible.

Note: While hybrid, experimental, or cross-genre works are welcome, we do not accept AI-generated text or images. We do not accept writing that espouses bigotry or hateful attitudes toward any group.

Simultaneous submissions are ok. Upon acceptance with us, please withdraw your work from other consideration. We do not accept reprints. Prior contributors should wait six months to submit again.

Purchase past print copies and see full guidelines on Submittable.

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