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William Ward Butler




There’s no poetry in a car bomb: carbine:

no carnation in barrels can squib a shell, a war:


futility of metaphor—even speech

conspires against us: all quiet in the West


as the gyre widens: new liar’s pulpit,

same liars: it was late in the empire:


they threw bears into the bullpen,

lit fires to see the carcass better:


no third party but a bloodhungry crowd:

you know what they say about young kings


and crowns: Molotov is a man’s name:

Parabellum if it’s a girl: to prepare for peace


they split a baby, an atom, the world.

William Ward Butler is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of the poetry chapbook Life History from Ghost City Press. He has received support from the Community of Writers and Napa Valley Writers’ Conference. He is the poetry editor of Frozen Sea:

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